2 years ago

Art Parlor Features Lynda Lambert for August, 2020

It was so good to be on the Friends in Art panel when we interviewed Lynda. She has quite a story and told it in such a graceful, engaging way. Here is a snippet about her from her website, :

My story begins in The Village of Wurtemburg, located in rural western Pennsylvania. I was born on August 27, 1943. I am “Friday’s Child” and born under the Blueberry Moon. My destiny was to be an artist and writer. The images of my art and stories and poems are nestled deeply inside of me. I unearth them in the solitude of my studio.

If that doesn’t give an indication of how enticing this edition of Art Parlor will be, I don’t know what else would!

Please, tune into ArtFelt to listen to Lynda’s story. It airs tonight on ACB Radio Mainstream at 7PM and it will replay throughout the month at this time, as well as 8PM Saturday, 8AM Sunday, and 7AM Tuesday.

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Thank you and enjoy!