The Art Parlor for May, 2022 Presents: Satauna Howery

May 8, 2022

You may have heard this woman's voice before and didn't even know it. Our guest this month is voice actor, Satauna Howery, whose voice has been heard from the United States and Canada to Lebanon and France! Her warm, engaging voice has been used in audio books, commercials, promos, e-learning, and so much more. And with a tagline on her site that reads, "My voice. Your Message. BULLSEYE!" It commands the viewer to know more. Listen as she tells her story, including her background in music, how she got started with voice acting, and some good laughs throughout the discussion. You'll also hear tips for anyone interested in starting a career as a voice actor. You can learn more about Satauna and her work, as well as listen to samples, by visiting her website –

It's a fun and packed show and we hope you enjoy it!